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Friday, May 12

And so, it hath ended...

Yay, I'm back! After last night's long post, I didn't even think myself that I was gonna post again today but here I am so let's just roll with it.

So, y'all must be so confused with the title, yea? What ended? What happened? What the fudge is going on here?? So, I'm so sorry for being anti-climatic here but,,, RIVERDALE HAS ENDED ITS FIRST SEASON *cries*

I hated the last episode, not because it was bad but because it left me hanging on the edge, wanting for another season ASAP! 

Like honestly, I have this teeny tiny feeling that Archie suddenly has feelings for Betty. I mean, obviously I think it has always been there but ever since she started dating Jughead the feelings emerged. Like the saying, you want what you can't have. But idk man, maybe it's just me. And then what about Juggie being in the Southside now? And is he joining the Serpents now that he already took the jacket?

And oh, let's not forget FRED ANDREWS GOT SHOT?! Is he dead now? Is he not? Well obviously we know that Hermione paid off that mofo to shoot him since he didn't want to sell his company and Hiram will be back.

Now I have to wait a whole year long for the next season and it is not okay (T^T) I won't be able to see my fave ginger, Archie and my emo guy Jug and shit basically the whole cast nooooo *cries*

Not to mention we won't see Ross Butler as Reggie Mantle anymore oh gosh my babyyyyyy!!!

Well, this probably is the shortest post I've ever done but hey, I just wanted to express my feelings to you guys. I will post soon!
Fingers crossed y'all
Bye for now!

Nuryn Umyra, signing out xx

Life Update...

Well, yup, I'm here. Finally attempting to update something lol. The thing is, I haven't actually been particularly busy though. I mean, yea sure I've done things here and there but I'm not SUPERDUPERIDONTHAVETIMETOUPDATE kinda busy. It’s just me, being a lazy bum. Again. *sigh, roll eyes* 

But I’m here now, so I’ll just try to sum up everything that I’ve been through in this past month. (emphasis on TRY, because honestly I don’t even know whether or not I remember everything, but meh)

So, first things first. I went to a KPM interview for DEC (Diploma in English Comm) and it was pretty cool. I mean, I expected it to be a lot more strict and straightforward, but it was kinda more like a formal chit-chatty conversation, if you know what I mean. I actually kinda effed up though, I just spoke out the words that came from my mouth, and trust me some (if not most) of em weren't true xD for starters, I said I was the panel of judges for the poetry recital night at school like what even *facepalm* I actually wanted to say secretariat but I forgot the word and I do not even know where panel of judges came from lol. The interviewer's face was an impressed kinda shock I didn't want to be bearer of bad news and said it was just a false alarm xD 

And then she started asking me whether I like poems and if so, which was my favourite. In my mind at that time, 'Ah sudah, nak jawab apa ni?' but I didn't know what kind of stuff ran into my mind when I suddenly said, "Oh, I love The Poison Tree." and I started explaining why. I'm actually so glad that I was able to summarize the poem I had to restrain myself from giving me a pat on the back, HA! But tbh, The Poison Tree is actually a good poem though. But overall, the interview was okay, no pressure. Me and my mum went shopping too afterwards, so I'd say it was a good day.
If you're wondering, this is A Poison Tree (my allegedly said fav poem)

Then, I went to Candid's Hi-Tea or should I say Candid's Weed Party lol. I swear to god I don't know who came up with that name but lets just roll with it eh. If anyone doesn't know, Candid is the 99ers batch in my school so yea. The party was fun though honestly. I got to see a lot of my friends whom I didn't for months and I got to eat hahahaha. Yep, a girl's gotta eat what she wanna eat eh? But actually, I did felt kinda underdressed though, like everyone was stylin' with skirts and makeups and I just went there with the plain ol' me. At the end I didn't care though, because why tf do I have to, right?

Oh and I forgot to mention that my friends Soima and Bat stayed the night at my house because my dad unofficially became our chaperone for the evening haha, soz dad! It was a short stay for them, but nonetheless we had fun chatting along.

So, on to the next event! I got hit by a truck! Well, not me obviously because I'm right here typing away aren't I? It all happened like this; I had a fricken driving class Sunday morning, and honestly I was a tired mess.I mean, who wouldn't after having to do ramps and parks and hills and junctions over and over again, right?? See, even when reading this you could feel the tiredness already. Sigh. 

Well, back to the story, after doing all those things, the instructor asked me to drive on the big roads so I obliged. And me, being the tired mess I was, couldn't quite focus on the road but I swear at first I didn't see any kind of truck behind me. The truck was like, soooooooo fast and suddenly all I knew it tried to potong me and bang, bontot dia kena side mirror kereta tu.

I was so dang shocked weh, like wth happened?!? Then afterwards my instructor asked me to hit the gas and catch that freaking beast of a truck. Allahu, masa tu rasa macam dalam cerita fast and furious je, nasib dapat kejar. My instructor stopped the truck and I don't know, said stuffs to the driver I guess. Then I had to continue the course until the end. It's okay guys, I'm fine but the side mirror was totaled out literally.

And now, back to the present. I don't think anything else happened but hey, I got the results of my interview and guess what? I got accepted! Alhamdulillah, my ranking for the interview was 28 from 500+ people. Not too shabby, eh? I'm still waiting for those UPU results though, so lets just cross my fingers and see what happens.

Well, I believe this has become too long of an update, so I must stop now. Plus, I'm starting to have a migraine as it is almost one and I'm still awake. So, goodbye and thank you for reading til the end! *hands everyone cookies*

Nuryn Umyra, signing out xx

P. S. Oh guys, my French is kinda rusty now so I'm gonna try to practice it in my blog as well. So if you see some French words then chill because my blog won't be abducted by French aliens anytime soon! :)