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Friday, May 12

And so, it hath ended...

Yay, I'm back! After last night's long post, I didn't even think myself that I was gonna post again today but here I am so let's just roll with it.

So, y'all must be so confused with the title, yea? What ended? What happened? What the fudge is going on here?? So, I'm so sorry for being anti-climatic here but,,, RIVERDALE HAS ENDED ITS FIRST SEASON *cries*

I hated the last episode, not because it was bad but because it left me hanging on the edge, wanting for another season ASAP! 

Like honestly, I have this teeny tiny feeling that Archie suddenly has feelings for Betty. I mean, obviously I think it has always been there but ever since she started dating Jughead the feelings emerged. Like the saying, you want what you can't have. But idk man, maybe it's just me. And then what about Juggie being in the Southside now? And is he joining the Serpents now that he already took the jacket?

And oh, let's not forget FRED ANDREWS GOT SHOT?! Is he dead now? Is he not? Well obviously we know that Hermione paid off that mofo to shoot him since he didn't want to sell his company and Hiram will be back.

Now I have to wait a whole year long for the next season and it is not okay (T^T) I won't be able to see my fave ginger, Archie and my emo guy Jug and shit basically the whole cast nooooo *cries*

Not to mention we won't see Ross Butler as Reggie Mantle anymore oh gosh my babyyyyyy!!!

Well, this probably is the shortest post I've ever done but hey, I just wanted to express my feelings to you guys. I will post soon!
Fingers crossed y'all
Bye for now!

Nuryn Umyra, signing out xx

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