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Thursday, January 5

Another first.

Hello, wonderful readers! It has been such a long time since I ever posted anything here!

*wipes all the dust and coughs a little*

So, I'm back (though I'm not sure for how long) and I'm gonna give this blogging thing another go. To all my old readers, if you noticed, I deleted ALL my old posts.Why? Merely because they were all so cringey and I cannot bear the fact that I was like that only a few years ago HAHA. Maybe some of you are saying, why don't you just delete this blog and make another one, eh? Well, I guess I just missed writing on this ol' fella and all the effort that I took on editing it. But, I'm back now and I will write another post just to catch up on all the things that you lovely people missed during my time out (and it has been hectic, to say the least).

WHEW, I guess this is the end of my short and sweet post. Goodbye, lovelies (but don't go forever cause I'll come back soon, promise!)

Nuryn Umyra, signing out xx

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