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Thursday, January 5

What's Hatnin?

See what I did with the title, eh eh? Okay, I guess not. It's a belieber thing *shrugs*


All of you must be DYING to know what happened in this one hella hectic year, aite? Eventhough it's already 2017 and it's kinda late to make a 2016 memorandum but who cares?! Certainly not me *smirks* I do want to write everything that's happened, but I'm afraid either I'd die before I complete the post or you guys would have to unwillingly read a novel of my disturbing life and that would be a great bore. So, I decided to summarise everything that's happened in a few bullet points (see how nice I am?)

  • I spent the last year of high school in a new class - Yeah, well at first I thought oh shet (I'm trying to make my blog rated G here) but ended up I do like my new class, THEY'RE AWESOME but I miss my old one nonetheless
  • I'm finally 17! 
  • I took my SPM this year and no - we are absolutely NOT gonna talk about it 
  • I went into a darker phase (AGAIN) but I think I'm better now :)

So, yeah that was my 2016. Uh, I know you lot must think, WHAT?! I'VE HAD BETTER DAYS THAN THESE PFFT I'M LEAVING NOW and I really don't blame you guys but honestly now that I think about it, I kinda forgot about 2016 already oops! *smiles innocently*

Okay stop stop, I have proven today that I cannot possibly rant at this hour, I'M TOTALLY USELESS! Ugh *facepalm*

Lets try another post later or tomorrow, yeah? Sorry lovelies :*
Now, I should go and spend unusual hours on YouTube.

P.S. Yep, for those wondering I'm still totally in love with Justin Bieber, hence no change in the header but I assure you I'm not those people who constantly blogs about their beaus. There WILL be a time when I would post about him, but it will be a rare occasion so don't fret ;)

Nuryn Umyra, signing out xx

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