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Friday, January 6

Literally Frustrated!

Guys, I'm so frustrated right now. Ugh. You see, I'm currently working on a wattpad story but... whenever I try to write I'd come to a dead end. LITERALLY WRITER'S BLOCK ugh. It frustrates me so much not being able to write, ya know? Because the thing is, I LOVE (emphasise the word love) writing so much and when I can't do it, it fills me up with so. much. sorrow. 

So, I need your help, my lovelies. What can I possibly do to gain back my writing spirits? Know any useful tips for me? I REALLY need all the help I can get. 

Right now, I'm gonna wallow in grief, sorrow and despair while I binge watch The Originals. Oh yeah, just a quick question, have any of you watched The Originals?? I'm on season 3 already and I've almost finished all the series and am currently waiting for season 4 to come out this March. If you guys haven't watched it, I suggest you stop whatever you're doing just now and go watch The Originals *grins madly like a chesire cat* Plus, the actors are all unreasonably H A W T which gives you all the more reason to watch, aite? 

See what I mean by H A W T ??

Aaaaaanyways, Joseph Morgan is a bae (but he's married though *sigh*) and i should now probably stop this nonsense of a rant and continue my binge watch *smiles innocently* Buh-bye!

Nuryn Umyra, signing out xx

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