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Tuesday, April 25

I met The Insomniacks!

It's been a while since I've last updated anything. Whew, it's getting dusty in here! *clears off all the dust bunnies*

So, last week, 19th April on a Wednesday, I went to my first freaking concert! It was actually MMU's Campus Fest closing concert or something like that, but it was open to public also. At first, I wasn't actually hoping to go because I know that my mum won't agree to these sort of 'benda laghaa' but I just showed the poster to my friends and joked about wanting to go.

Then suddenly my friend Bat, said she was gonna go and her mum already agreed to it so I was like, "oh, now I wanna go" and asked my mum about it. Obviously she wasn't eager at all for me to go to the concert but by Wednesday morning she whatsapped me asking "pukul berapa the concert?" and said she'll send me to Bat's house later in the evening after work.

I was soooooooooooooooooooo excited!

So that night Bat's dad sent us to MMU and boooyyy, we felt so out of place there. We felt like little kids and all the other people were like looking at us weirdly (or maybe it was just us) but yeah, I felt like hiding under the rocks at that time.

We didn't have to buy tickets though cause our ex-senior from high school bought it for us at a cheaper price also (he's a student in MMU) but he was late and the amount of stares we had whilst waiting for him were very unpleasant.

So, Painting Blanks set was first, followed by Insomniacks, then Hacktick, Patriots and lastly OAG. Honestly, me and Bat were only there for Insomniacks but hey, we're not complaining.

I almost cried though, because I recorded during the Insomniacks performance, but I don't know what happened and it got lost. I was so stressed out until ....


and then me and Bat were like, we have to take a picture with them, WE. HAVE. TO. So we waited for the right time to ask them for a picture, and we moved closer to where they were so it would be easier later AND ISKANDAR WAS FREAKING IN FRONT OF ME.

Like literally smack dab in front of me. The fangirl feels man, the feels.

And at last, during OAG's set, we had our chance OGHMYGODDD I'M STILL FANGIRLING WHILE WRITING THIS!!!!

But it was only with Isk as the others were somewhere at the front of the crowd (we were really at the back like there was no crowd at all) BUT WE'RE ALREADY HAPPY :)


It was just a bummer both of us stuttered so much to even hold a conversation, sigh. But nonetheless, WE WERE ON TOP OF THE WORLD.

And then, by the end of the concert, WE HAD OUR PICTURE WITH IQIE!


Yeah, we were so damn happy. I wasn't sad anymore that I'd lost the footage (still a bit disappointed but meh)

Didn't get a whole picture with the group though but two of them were already okay :)

I don't know how to sum up this entry but I was so happy, I still am ha!

I'm sorry you guys had to read a whole blog entry of me fangirling but hey, others had it worse ;)
But thanks for reading til the end (if anyone still is, though!)

Will post soon! (no promises)

Nuryn Umyra, signing out xx

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