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Tuesday, January 31

Society Nowadays

I'm back guys and today will be another ranting blog post that I just want to share with all of you readers. It's okay if you do not wish to continue reading but I just feel that I have to let this out or I will burst into flames. LITERALLY!

So, I have been scrolling on twitter earlier today and you know, just reading about random stuff aka the twitter drama when I suddenly came across this one girl's thread about how scared she was to perform her prayer in a public surau in a mall somewhere. At first I was like, 'What's she talking about?' and I thought it was just some nonsense but I kept reading the thread anyways.

Turns out she was actually talking about a makcik who harassed her and another woman because she was wearing a snoopy tee and the other woman had on inappropriate clothing and had her hair dyed. I will not go deep into the thread, nor do I remember the girl who was tweeting about it but all that I have to say is, why was the makcik behaving so ill-mannered? I mean, the makcik literally yanked her praying veil to avoid her from performing her prayers and also verbally harassed them both saying that they cannot pray like that whatsoever. And not to mention that nobody came to their aid, like, hello? That is just so wrong on so many levels. 

Okay, I get it, you're wanting to deliver a message saying that us muslims need to cover our aurah properly and all that but you don't have to be so rude about it. That is NOT the way to do da'wah, alright? The makcik could've said it properly without tugging her veil, couldn't she? I know I'm not pious but I also know that da'wah isn't supposed to be curt and utterly impolite. How can someone change for the better if all you do is yell at them to change? I know for a fact that I won't.

And to all those other people in the surau, why don't you stop the makcik from doing that? Why do you just have to stare into nothingness? Pretend that it's not happening? What is it with society nowadays who just think that obliviousness is virtue and ignorance is bliss? I feel so sad and depressed just to think of what our society have become.

And then I read another girl's tweet about how she's working in a clothes outlet somewhere and came across a rude customer who was shopping with her mom. She was actually quite uncivil from what I've read - I mean, she didn't smile, uttered crude comments when the shirt wasn't in her size and oh, I've been reading all kinds of wrong with her I just felt like cringing at that time. So the worker ended up having a small chat with her mom and whaddya know... she just finished her SPM. Eh hello, I also baru finish SPM never eksyen pun datang kedai buat muka rude bagai?

Who does she think she is? If she's still living underneath her parents roof and feeding off her parents money, I say she has no right to act so rude and offensive like that. I just don't get it how some people think they're so high and mighty and think that they could get away with every act of delinquency that they exhibit. What, do they aspire to become a hoodlum one day cause I think that that's what they're going for *rolls eyes and mentally facepalms

So, to conclude my rants and ramblings, I'll just say that I cannot possibly believe that the sense of humanity in this messed up union we call "society" has sadly come to an end. I mean, just ponder for a moment at what I've said; in one case it's the elderly thinking that they're gold and godly and can do whatsoever they please in the name of religion, and the other, the young ones who think that being rude is the new polite. Oh and lets not forget the other part of this human universe who believes that doing nothing is actually doing something. Wow, we actually need to give a full on applause to this idiocracy (note the sarcasm

So, unless we can do something to help make this world a better place, I say let's all pack our bags and move to Mars because humans without humanity is just actually almost the same as having no humans at all.

Nuryn Umyra, signing out xx

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