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Tuesday, February 7


After almost a week of silence, I'm back buddies! Sorry for not updating and no - I didn't go anywhere. I was just being typical me, too blocked up to write anything. Sigh. 

So, as usual I will firstly update on what I've been doing while I was in AFK mode. Basically, and I think most of you could guess by now, I've been storming my way through iflix and no, it's not TVD or any vampire drama for that matter. I know right - PHEW, FINALLY!

I actually stopped watching TVD after the second season due to the fact that a little birdie told me (nahh, who am I kidding - it was Instagram duhh) that Elena ended up with Damon instead of Stefan. Yep, my poor poor heart (and poor Stefan's) but then again Stefan ends up with Caroline which I guess is kinda okay though Stelena is still my fave. I hate Delena and I don't think I'll ever ship them together like, NO WAY IN HELL! (that's how much I hate them together) But, one happy fact is that season 8 still has a few more episodes and I'm honest to god praying that Stelena will still end up together so I can continue watching TVD in peace. 

Until then, it's a bye bye vampires for me. So currently I'm watching The 100 as suggested by a few of my classmates (they were so keen on having me watch it I just had to) and it didn't disappoint. Although it wasn't some vampire shenanigan but it was actually a fun watch. 

It's about humans in the future who lived in space because of some radiation on Earth but then the Ark, the spaceship, is no longer survivable so they sent down a hundred kids with bad criminal records down to Earth - okay, stop. If you wanna know, just go read the reviews on rotten tomatoes or something or better yet just watch it because I'm not gonna waste time writing a 10-page essay about it. But one thing I promise, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

I do have some pretty good news though. I FINALLY FRICKIN UPDATED MY WATTPAD STORY! *background applauses* You guys are welcome to check it out but updates are REAAALLYYY SLOW because I don't know what's wrong with me plus actually I'm very lazy.

Okay, enough with the chit chat. Regarding the post title,

So, the UPU applications had been opened yesterday and my mom asked me to fill it out as soon as possible so I won't become a pile of mess later on. The problem is, I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO APPLY FOR OR WHAT SHOULD I MAJOR IN OR ANYTHING IN REGARDS OF THAT! *makes a devastated face* I mean, roughly I know that I won't be taking any Science based courses because I totally suck ass at that (uhh am I even allowed to swear?) so that crosses out more than half of the courses offered. Then I know I'm more to languages, preferably English of course and I do love writing but I don't know! I just feel like I'm gonna mess up somewhere and won't be able to further my studies in that department so then what? Is it the end of the line for me already? See, me just talking (or writing, whatever) about it makes me feel nervous and queasy all over. It's just too stressful and overwhelming for me!

And then there's the million dollar question - diploma or degree? This question has got me in a tangled mess for quite a while already. Yes, there are pros and cons of both BUT JUST WHAT AM I GONNA CHOOSE? My friends mostly said that the former is less stressful compared to the latter but my family just flipped the moment I asked them this question! They said that diploma shouldn't even be a choice. And then there's me, more confused than ever AND I JUST FEEL LIKE BURSTING EVERY SINGLE TIME UNIVERSITIES ARE MENTIONED! *tugs hair and makes an exasperated noise*

I just feel like taking a break year, you know. Get myself settled and everything and then apply to a university next year. I mean, yeah it's gonna cost me time but at least by then I'll know what to do and not just randomly pick a course that I don't even know if I can manage! Though I do feel that my parents will be livid if I ever even talked about this to them. #TypicalAsianParents

So, pray tell, my dear wonderful sweet readers, what am I supposed to do? Please don't tell me to consult those afterschool websites or anything related to that because trust me, I've tried and it just made me more muddled then ever.

Help me everyone and I will give you each a cookie for being so nice *bakes cookies in advance* So, I'm gonna stop this post now because I think that you guys probably have a headache reading this mess of an entry because I've been talking bs mostly and also because I think I've used too much uppercase letters today *cue the embarrassed sigh* Goodbye for now :)

P. S. I guess I just can't get enough of Stefan Salvatore aka the hottie Paul Wesley. Sigh.

Nuryn Umyra, signing out xx

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