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Tuesday, February 28

Tips During The Time Of The Month ;)

So I decided to be helpful today and share with you gals on some tips of what I do to survive the wretched days when you're in "THE TIME OF THE MONTH". Well, to all guys, I think that it is best for all of you to click the big red 'X' over there because things will get very uncomfortable from here onwards sooo buh-bye!

Before I get on to those 'so-called' tips, might I just say that these are what I do in my time of the month. I don't know whether it will be helpful to any of you guys but it works for me and I'm just sharing it out to the world to anyone who might need it in case they just started their volcano eruptions *wink wink* If it doesn't work for you, I suggest you go around and try some other things too because everyone handles it differently and maybe what I do won't work for you and also vice versa. But what I'm sharing are just typically what any other girls would do, so yea.

Well, moving on. Lets get started!

+ BUY YOURSELF A HEATING PAD - Yes, I know the pain of those wretched cramps and it really really hurts just like this;

and don't tell me you've never been in any one (if not all) of these 'poses' before but a heating pad actually soothes it down a bit. If you can't or don't want to waste money on a heating pad, filling up a bottle with some hot water will do just the trick also so no worries! But I do have a friend that has the worst cramps ever but the heating pads just doesn't work for her so its actually really pitying to watch. If you're just like her, then I'm so sorry 🙏

+ SLEEP - A good rest always works. At first it's actually really hard to sleep and you're gonna dread the first few minutes writhing in a fetal position but when sleep finally envelops you, its like the best moment ever. At least until you wake up and find yourself having cramps again. 

+ AVOID GASSY OR ICED DRINKS AT ALL COSTS - By all costs I really mean ALL COSTS. Don't try to have a cheat day or whatever, because I tell you, I learnt that the hard way. Those cramps will be coming at you like a bullet train and all you can do is actually force yourself not to cry. Drink lots and lots of plain water and you'll be fine. Cold drinks are okay but iced ones are a big NO-NO.

+ KEEP A SECRET STASH OF SNACKS - Especially if you live in a house full of dimwitted-snack-munching brothers or in a hostel with your-food-is-my-food friends. I mean, it's not wrong to share but sometimes when you're on your period and you just feel like munching all the time then suddenly all your food is gone. Gone, I say! They always eat it when you need it. And your cramps aren't gonna help you in seeking a store nearby to satisfy your cravings. So, keep a stash labelled 'TO BE OPENED ON PERIOD' and you'll be fine.

+ BAN THE WHITESIES - Literally. Nothing else to say about it. No white pants, white shirts, white undies, white anything! (except if your school uniform is white then I have no say in that matter) Unless you want to do a whole load of scrubbing then go on, wear your whites like you own 'em.

+ ALWAYS KEEP A PAD IN YOUR BAG - Or a tampon, or a menstrual cup, or whatever it is that you use in your bag. You never know when mother nature wants to pay a visit, so always, always, always be prepared! Oh and keep an extra set of clothes in there too, in case mother nature wants to tell the whole world you're not pregnant ;)

Well, I think that's a wrap girls! That is everything (well, mostly everything) that I do to handle my 'time of the month'. Do you do the same things as me or you have some other tips and tricks to handle the unbearable pain? That's all for now, bye!

Nuryn Umyra, signing out xx

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