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Wednesday, March 1

Happy Birthday :)

Another day, another blog post and guess what? It's the 1st of March! So today's post will be specially and fully dedicated to none other than my idol, my inspiration; Justin Drew Bieber :)

Just in case someone doesn't know how he looks like, this is him 

So, this very day, 23 years ago, a little boy had his first cry in St. Jude's Hospital in a little town of Ontario, Canada. Little did everybody knew, that one fine day, this boy was gonna be a hero, a legend, a savior and a heartbreaker to teenage girls around the world.

I hadn't known this guy on a personal level, and I've never met him, but I had always felt a connection to him in ways that I hadn't with anyone else. I guess it was a fangirl thing to want to find out anything and everything related to him and that's what I've always done ever since I'd heard "Baby" blasting from car radios and kids from school belting out to the lyrics. I had always wanted to be the first to know when a song releases, to catch on the latest gossip, to have a strong desire to meet him, hug him, heck even marry him if given the chance. But year after year, time passes by and this - this love, this affection, this infatuated feeling now goes way beyond that.

It's not just about being the first to listen to everything. It's now about being able to smile at his passion, and to disagree when he's at fault. It's about supporting him during his downfalls and being the backbone along with all the other thousands maybe millions of Beliebers for him so he could stand back tall after every crap thrown at his way. And if any of you had been around long enough, you'd know actually how much of it that he gets. It's not about being called Mrs. Bieber anymore, because it doesn't matter whether I do get marry him or not, as in the end, it's his happiness that makes me smile.

He is a savior, not just to me, but to many others whether you want to believe it or not. At some time during school not long ago, I'd been in a stage where I think that life wasn't possible anymore. But then I look back at everything, look back at this guy who'd had a rough start to life - being born in a not so well off family, being joked about at school and even when he started his singing career he still had to handle all the bull given out to him by the media. But seeing him still standing tall, I'd say that was the motivation it took me to keep going on in life. 

Yes, he's done a lot of wrongs in his life, but don't we all? Isn't the essence of life is to make mistakes and learn from them? Look at him now, better than ever. I'd say he'd learn a lot in his life and we can take that as an example to learn from ours too. 

I know it is highly likely for him not to notice this, but I just want to say, Happy Birthday to my greatest idol and inspiration in life, Justin Bieber. 💕

Thank you so much for existing in my life, for being there for us all when we had no one else with us. Thank you for being such a great and kind human being who I look up to, even if nobody else does. Thank you for staying strong and making us believe the impossible is possible, for always saying never say never even if we thought we couldn't. Keep doing what you're doing, keep making us smile in all your acts of kindness even if people can't see that. You're amazing, you know that.

And I, no scratch that. WE, love you too, Justin. This, this thing we all have, is forever.


Nuryn Umyra, signing out xx

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