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Sunday, March 26

5 Reasons Why I Don't Wear Makeup.

So there's been a fuss lately regarding women's most sensitive topic - makeup. Basically I told everyone how I hate having to wear makeup and how I don't want to wear makeup and thus a political debate has been formed from that declaration. 

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT like to wear makeup or put whatsoever on my face; deal with it.

I just hate it when everybody seems to be such a busybody and saying how I HAVE to wear makeup, or how I'll EVENTUALLY wear makeup and all those kinds of shit. I mean, what gave you the right to say anything about me, predict anything about me, let alone decide something for me, huh? NOTHING, alright?

So, I just got mentally and physically pissed off and I decided to sizzle the anger by writing 5 REASONS WHY I DON'T WEAR MAKEUP. Note how I didn't put won't in the title because obviously we don't know what the future holds, maybe one day I'll become a professional makeup artist whatever and I don't want my own words to bite me in the skin but for now, why I don't wear makeup. So, hear ye, hear ye guys.

NUMERO UNO #1 - I feel like my skin is heavy when I put anything on it. That's why I don't even use powder. Yea, yea. By now all those makeup freaks must be like, "OMERGAD GURL WHY YA DON'T EVEN PUT ON POWDER YOU FREAKISH IMBECILE!" Well, let me tell ya - I. Don't. Give. A. Damn. No kind of powder, baby powder, whatever powder has reached my skin, except for the times when my mum had to run around the room and literally bombard me with all that stuff.
P.S. Watch Orphan, it's an amazing psycho shit movie.

NUMERO DOS #2 - I have sensitive skin. Not all makeup products suit my skin. Rather than having all the trouble finding one that does, why not save time, money and energy by not wearing them at all? If I wear the wrong kind of products, my face would just turn red and itchy and it would be VERY uncomfortable. I'm the type of girl who prefers comfort over beauty any day, any time so if you find me in a mall with slippers and mixmatched clothing, don't blame me. 

NUMERO TRES #3 - Makeup costs a lot of money. Have you ever walked in Sephora and just looked at all those kind of beauty products and walk back out without buying anything because all those stuff costs a shit ton of money you probably don't have? Yeah. I'd rather use those money to buy me novels and unicorns which I love more than all the makeup in the world combined. Have you even seen how much just a beauty blender costs? Almost RM100!! For what?! Just to swipe that petty foundation on your face, huh? I think not.

NUMERO CUATRO #4 - I already know I'm not pretty, so why try? Yea, I do get insecure sometimes looking at prettier girls, but I'm at the point of I-don't-care anymore. Even if I do wear makeup, at the end of the day when I wipe everything off from my face, I'm still the same old ugly me. And then I would get more and more insecure, knowing that there are some girls who isn't pretty by force but by nature. Then what? Cry myself to sleep over that?
P.S. Mel is bae ❤

NUMERO CINCO #5 - Makeup takes a lot of time. Ya Allah, nak letak apa semua bagai tu dah berapa lama mak oii. And I already take a long time to get ready, any day! Putting makeup to the mix is just a recipe for disaster I tell you! Huh, mimpi je lah nyah!

I honestly have a few more reasons as to why I don't wear makeup, by I'm not going to drag this post further into that direction. Now you know why I hate wearing makeup, PLEASE DON'T ASK ME AGAIN! I'm begging you, if one day I do wear makeup, then you can just be happy for me. Even now, I'm not wearing makeup, still be happy for me. Not many girls have the guts to go out and about on their day without makeup, you know.

Plus, just a thought, I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST PEOPLE WEARING MAKEUP. I love seeing makeup vids on YouTube, I love seeing how other people become more confident wearing makeup, heck I love looking at makeup brands myself. I have bought, worn, scoured through Sephora and put on a few products myself and I honestly have nothing against all you makeup lovers. It's just that I don't like wearing them, and I am a person for myself, and I'm just pissed off at some people's mentality who think it's a necessity for women to cake on makeup to their faces. 

Please, girls. Don't you ever put your own kind down just because they don't wear makeup. I've been on the receiving end of these people and it's not a pleasant feeling you know. Please, it's wrong to do so. Don't. Just don't. 

And now I end my post with a bid of farewell.

Nuryn Umyra, signing out xx

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