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Wednesday, March 22

I'm Back :)

Heyyo, missed me anyone? Well, guess not :/ 

But I'm finally back! But this will only be a short update because I am SUPERSUPERSUPER busy plus I don't know what to write about (again!) *rolls eyes* 

I know, everyone must be bored of me saying the same thing over and over again but I literally have nothing to write and I am sososososososoooo sorry! Maybe when I go out more and do stuff more I can write about that. But at the meantime, I'm just a stay at home teenager who watches TV shows and movies and crap all day and night and it would be a bore to write about that. 

Wait, wha - ? My SPM results? Well, for now all I can say is that they're not too good, but at the same time not bad. I mean, I've expected that I won't get straight As, because our ministry of education likes to shite things up and make us kids learn something that we can't even manage or like and expect us to achieve great results or something like that. But whatever, the past is past, so lets focus and the present and possibly, the future.

So, I was opting on taking Foundation in English to pursue my studies but,,, we'll see what happens alright. So that's what I'm super busy about. you know, filling in forms and stuff like that. But I got tired and stressed out about all that so now I'm currently taking a break - writing another post and also maybe catch up on a movie or two. You know you can't be too stressed about everything, right? Especially for something that hasn't started yet. So, just take a pause in life and do as I say. 

But, I think that's all for now folks! I'll update again, soon :)

Nuryn Umyra, signing out xx

P. S. I still haven't updated my wattpad story, I keep having writer's block every time i try to update. Should i just delete it and give up on becoming an aspiring writer? Hm :/

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