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Thursday, March 9

7 Days Left.

Oh, no. Seven days left? SEVEN DAYS LEFT?!? SEVEN DAYS LEFT?!?! SEVEN?!?!? 

Okay, so that was a bit too over-dramatic. But for those who're oblivious to what's happening, it's seven days left before SPM results! The horror! The terror! The suspense! GAAAHHHHHH!!! Although I may seem normal to anyone looking, I'm actually really terrified of the upcoming results. Like, what will I get? Will it be good enough? Will it make my parents proud? What about my teachers? Will I be able to apply to a good uni with my results? 

See, it's soooooooo terrifying!

I honestly have a lot running in my mind but I'm trying so hard to shove it to the deepest part of my brain and just wait until 16th March happens. 
This is me trying to unwind everything from my mind

So guys, girls, kids, people, anyone reading this, please pray for me to have good results 🙏 I am actually going into the brink of ....

I know this is just a very short update and I'm totes sorry but I'm really not in the right mind to build up real sentences right now. I just want to let it out there about that and I might not post until after the results or until I'm back in my right mind to update things again. So for now, I may or may not post anything else until afterwards and I just want to apologise for not posting anything or for all these inconsistent updates. I'll promise I'll try to update daily when my life gets more interesting. PINKY PROMISE!

So, erm, goodbye for now and I'll see you all soon :)

Nuryn Umyra, signing out xx

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