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Monday, March 6

Movie review #1

Aloha readers! So a couple days ago I got bored of watching TV series after I've finished binge watching The Flash (psst, Grant Gustin is a bae) 

So, I thought "Let's get on to movies then!" and since then I've been on a mission of OPS: ONE MOVIE A DAY and so here I am, writing a review of the movies I've watched so far. Well, it's not exactly a review because I suck at giving reviews. It's more like an opinion and a recommendation to you all of the movies that I've watched. Meh, just - moving on. BEAR WITH ME PEOPLE.

A PG-rated fantasy/action movie and a good watch for the whole family. I really did like the whole concept of the story, where Batman is this heartless idiot who cares about nothing but himself then suddenly has an adopted child who becomes Robin and stuff xD It was actually a cute plus hilarious movie, to be honest from my opinion and it also has many cameos from other stories including Lord Voldemort so I'd say it was worth the watch. That Robin kid was also very very cute with his big googly eyes and stuff so yea, I liked it. And I also liked how they still included Harley Quinn and Joker's relationship into this mix 😂

LOL (2013)
This is a PG-13 rated movie and there's some smoking and teenager-ish stuff involved so if you don't watch that kind of stuff then fine. To each their own, yea? I really liked this movie even if it did had shitty reviews. Heck, I only knew it had shitty reviews after watching it! To me, this movie was okay eventhough it was kind of a flatline with no intense drama or whatsoever but I think it portrays the teen life really well. You know, fights with parents, the dire need to do things that are forbidden, teenage love. Yeah stuff like that. This is more of a coming-of-age-slash-end-of-innocence type movie and I think that many teens could relate to it. On the plus side, who doesn't like Douglas Booth pooping up on their screen, ey? And anyways, Douglas Booth reminded me of someone very close to me once so I guess that's why I kept watching till the last minute 😹

Haha, another coming-of-age-end-of-innocence bull crap. honest to God this was one of the most cringeworthy movie I've ever watched 😂 It's an R-rated movie though but it is nowhere near as Fifty Shades Of Grey or anything like that. I guess it just contains a lot of swearing so it is automatically listed as R-rated. I think the movie industry are still convinced that we're all still innocent kids who never swear anytime something happens 😂 Back to the movie, the theme here is more or less much like LOL but it is different altogether. Get what I mean? The main is still handling teenage drama but in LOL it's about her liking her best friend but in The Edge of Seventeen it's a mixture of awkward-kid-with-hottie-brother-then-brother-likes-awkward-kid's-best-friend kinda shit. And then awkward kid meets another awkward kid and it's just very funny and cringey I suggest y'all just watch it to find out ey *smirks*

Another R-rated movie and I guess you probably already know judging by the title but this is a good watch. I seriously did laugh quite a lot at this romantic comedy shenanigan but after watching this I have come to a conclusion - THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Somehow one or both parties will "pull their strings" and one, if not both, will get attached romantically to the other. It's just a matter of when. But really if you do want a good laugh and then a good cry afterwards, this movie is for you. I really did shed a tear or two after some few scenes in the drama and I must say I really do want to share this good laughter cry with everyone. (Ha, I'm evil) So, go watch it yea yea!

And so, I am done for now. I might update more movies in the near future so stay tuned everybody! Oh, and do give me suggestions on what movie to watch - I basically can handle anything EXCEPT horror and biographies so do let me know if there are any good movies to watch alright :)

Nuryn Umyra, signing out xx

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