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Wednesday, March 29

Frustrated as Hell!

I'm sooooooooo frustrated right now! Guys, I just finished watching The Thinning (YouTube Red movie) and I'm so stressed out with the ending! GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

I want to literally rant about the whole movie to you guys but I won't because I want you guys to watch it! So you guys can suffer the same hell I've been mwahahaha *evil laugh* I would literally rate the movie a 9 out of 10. I JUST LIKED IT SO MUCH! And trust me I do not like to rate a movie that high unless it was really good and I really liked it.

I had so many mixed emotions after watching it! T^T

Okay, so basically it's a movie about how in the future where the Earth is 'sick' so the world does a population control and in America they do these aptitude tests every year to kids and those who failed gets killed off. And I'm like, APASAL NAK KENA BUNUH DIORANG BUAT POPULATION CONTROL SATU FAMILY SATU ANAK DAH LA! 

Urgh! This literally left me in an emotional wreck! Especially the ending! If you guys haven't watched this movie, I suggest you close whatever it is that you're doing and go watch it. Right now. So we can all be a weeping mess together. Also, because Logan Paul is a bae in this movie. So go, watch it.

Plus, shout out to my friends Fatinah and Areena for suggesting me this one hella awesome movie. Love y'all! 

Okay, that's all what I've wanted to say. Now I'm off to bed because I'm kinda tired right now. Later, guys!

Nuryn Umyra, signing out xx

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